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Wenyi Tool (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a set of research and development tool, design bending machine mold, production tool, sales of bending machine mold sophisticated technology production enterprises. Has a group of industrial automation design in the accumulation of rich experience in the senior engineer and the production of knife mold industry for many years of technical staff, specializing in the production of various bending machine Daomo The main products are: Mold category: Domestic mold: Jinan Jie Mai, Shanghai Chong scissors, Shanghai Ju Wei, Jiangsu Yang Li, Jiangsu Yawei, gold radius, Tianshui, Yellowstone and so on. Foreign mold: Japan Amada AMADA, Japan Komatsu, Japan Murata 114, Japan TOYO TOYO, the United States thumb, the United States Stripe STRIPPIT, Belgium LCD, Germany through fast, Spain Danaobat DANOBAT, Switzerland AGATHON, Agton 100 BYSTRONIC, Switzerland Usvic Ken URSVIKEN, Finland FINN-POWER and other foreign CNC mold. Other molds: bending molds, CNC dies, poles, steel rods, bending forming round molds, multi-angle mold bending pressure type U-shaped and bending impression die container molds. So that customers really feel the blade of the practical, wear-re……



ORDER ADVICE:+86 015002165198